Why is my cell phone service terrible?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think cell phone reception has degraded over time.  I’m sure upgrading to a 3G-capable phone has a lot to do with it (lots of issues with 2G-3G handshake), but I cannot go for more than 15 minutes driving without a dropped call.  And I’ll have several bars before and after the “call failed” note.  Frankly, it’s ridiculous.  Perhaps it’s my Blackberry Bold having issues, although my iPhone user friends seem to have similar dropped call issues.  But it seems odd, especially given how it often happens in the same exact spot (though this is definitely not always the case).

What I want to know is when did we decide to put up with it?  Back in the day, I used to have Sprint (the evolutionary Palm Treo 650).  And while I didn’t get coverage at my home, I rarely dropped calls.  Perhaps when the Palm Pre comes out for Sprint, I’ll return full circle.  Either that or I’ll just take the hit to the wallet and switch to Verizon.  One more thing, if you’re considering a new phone, check out T-Mobile and get the new Curve 8900.  I’ve played around with it – probably my favorite device out there right now – extremely sleek, durable,  and stable.

Or, perhaps I just need to watch CK with Conan again (highly recommended):

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