How can AT&T be selling new phones?

So quick post – I went to the AT&T store in SF the other day to complain about my phone (literally 4 dropped calls in a 5 minute span while driving made me alter my workout plan and drive straight to the store) after weeks (probably months) of issues with “Call Failed” and such.  After waiting 20 minutes while customers ahead of me were buying new phones, they took me.  And I complained about the recent issues, and they told me, to paraphrase, they are aware of the network congestion issues and are working to resolve it.  Translation – you’re SOL and there’s no way we’re going to do anything for you.  She did ask me for where the calls were dropping (it’s a start), but I started to think – if they are having issues, then why in the world are they selling new phones, especially in the exact area where they are having issues?  In my work, we often hear the phrase “carrier grade” specifying a high level of reliability – but if anyone from AT&T asks me about carrier grade, I’ll tell them it just means you have to work most of the time but it’s okay if you drop service half a dozen times in a 30 minute drive.  I don’t know how AT&T is getting away with this stuff, but count me as completely miffed.  I’m glad Blackberry (at least according to rumors) is focusing less on them and more with Verizon and T-Mobile.   Apple, it’s your turn next – abandon AT&T, at least until they get their act together.

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3 Responses to How can AT&T be selling new phones?

  1. Nick Hillyard says:

    nice site rohit, asp? don’t get tmobile, im dropping them today. they suck. yeah when u have service u wont get dropped, but how would you feel if someone left u a voicemail or sent u a text and you didnt get it until 3 days later?

    • rogupta says:

      That is extremely unfortunate….try youmail – it’s a 3rd party voicemail service. Pretty decent offering, and it’s free (unless you want add on features like voice to text).

  2. Komal says:

    I agree Rohit. It is unfortunate that some companies are not personally motivated to improve once they are making enough dollars.

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