Amazon continues to impress

Amazon releases their earnings this Thursday, and while most of you probably heard about the controversy regarding Amazon (#amazonfail) last week, what you may have overlooked in all the hubbub was the astonishing 300,000 Kindle 2’s sold in the less than two months since it’s release.  That’s over a $100M in revenue from a single item.  Amazon is expecting to sell 800,000 overall for 2009 – over $280M in revenue.  Absolutely incredible.  Oh and don’t forget the Kindle leads to higher margin book sales through wireless delivery.  So it got me thinking, if there was a executive of the year award (I blame the NBA – it’s award season there), Jeff Bezos would have to be considered one of the frontrunners, right?  Just for kicks, here’s a revenue comparision against their biggest competitor EBay (I guess I have to continue with my proclivity towards graphs):

Amazon vs Ebay Revenue

And stock performance (take with a huge grain of salt, very different companies, and BBuy is signifcantly bigger than the rest with their $40B+ revenue) over the past 6 years compared to Best Buy, Circuit City, Barnes & Noble, Ebay, and the S&P:

Amazon Stock Comparision


And while their commerce side is continuing to grow, their transformative cloud offerings, AWS, could dominate their revenue within 5-10 years.  AWS is currently recognized in the “Other” category on their quarterly reports (last figured at $131M in Q4 2008).    Anyways, who knows what will happen Thursday, but Bezos has definitely impressed me.

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