MLB App on the iPhone Rocks

In the spirit of the playoff stretch, I thought I would briefly mention how awesome the MLB app on the iPhone is.  The MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) group has done a great job over the past several years.  Since I’ve moved to the Bay area in 2005, I have been able to watch or listen to nearly any Red Sox game through my computer with (though I barely take advantage).   The limitation is you can’t watch in-market games (so if you are in the Bay area you can’t watch the Giants/Athletics) or nationally televised games.  But the quality is superb.  MLB was clearly ahead of the pack, but now Hulu has made the internet TV watching experience more mainstream.  This year, the service cost $79.95 for the season (you can sign up now for the remainder for $14.95).

What is extremely interesting is their iPhone app.  The app costs $9.99 (slightly steep, but worth it if you are a baseball fan), and has game tracking, video highlights, live audio, etc.  But if you are an subscriber, it lets you watch games live, on your phone.  And it works on the 3G network (which is huge), without much choppiness.  In fact, here’s an image of a Sox game via 3G:

MLB App on iPhone

Anyways, I thought I would mention it on my blog because I love showing it off.  It looks like they are running a promotion, so if you download the app, you can buy individual games for $.99 (without being an subscriber).  It’s definitely my favorite app on the iPhone, just wish I had time to use it more!

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