Career management

I gave a guest lecture 1.5 years ago to some juniors/seniors at MIT about career management.  It’s something I’ve spent some time on, so I thought I would attach the presentation below.  None of the information is ground-breaking, but I found it useful just to have it in one place, and it did help me land my current VC  job at Opus Capital.  I’m an especially big believer in the learning curve:

Learning Curve

Essentially, after 9-18 months doing the same thing (whether it’s a specific job, function, etc.), our learning begins to taper off logarithmically.  That doesn’t mean we stop learning, it just means we slow down.  The lesson is that we should look for new challenges to keep ourselves learning in an exponential fashion.  Here’s the full preso, feel free to comment or send me your thoughts:

Career Management Rohit Gupta 04142008 Final

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    Thanks for sharing.

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